Ximera – a new browser to protect your anonymity on the Internet

A new generation secure browser with cryptography Ximera A confidential browser is a tool that allows you to remain anonymous on the Internet and independently manage the information that you want or do not want to share with other people. Developers have significantly succeeded in creating untraceable software, and Ximera is a vivid example of this. Ximera – a new approach to privacy 1. Visit any websites 100% incognito without tracking trackers 2. Avoid the formation of a digital fingerprint – a digital fingerprint that leaves most unprotected users 3. Keep any online activity secret and encrypt the profile 4. Create different work environments, add other participants and transfer your encrypted profiles or store them remotely 5. Automatic generation of fingerprint substitution parameters Ximera browser is simple, easy to use and absolutely safe. With its use, web surfing will be no different from usual – except for a high level of anonymity on the Internet How it works Ximera's work is based on the principles of cryptography, which make it possible to confuse digital fingerprints and prevent sites from collecting and compiling information about the activity of their visitors. After creating your cryptographic key, an anonymous browser will generate fake digital fingerprints and use them when visiting certain resources and during the search. Chimera's capabilities can be used collectively – the browser supports the option of creating team accounts and allows you to create a large number of browser profiles. You can download and get acquainted with the Ximera antidetect browser on the website Antidetect browser and if you specify that you get a 50% discount on tariff plans from this forum! The antidetect works on both Windows and Linux versions There is also an affiliate program that always pays you up to 40% of payments for a given user, recommend the antidetec ximera browser and earn on a new product

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